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    UCI ranking

    Current rank: 86

    Current points: 110

    French cup in Paris
    Posted on 14 Oct 2014 by Klaus Boegh Andresen
    Home after the last race weekend in season 2014 for me. Drove over the weekend two races of the French Cup in Paris . The track is covered and there is both an 8 and a 5m ramp . We drove this weekend from 5 m ramp. Saturday I was No. 8 in the semifinals . Clicked out on the way down the ramp
    Sunday I came in a reasonable hard race which was really close . Smoke sadly out of 13 points . Seems all in all I had a good weekend in a sharp company.
    New sponsor for the next season
    Posted on 01 Feb 2014 by Klaus Boegh Andresen
    I am happy to announce a new sponsor for the new season.
    Its Alpha Elecric who is going to support me for the next year.
    Its the company witch i am working for. I am so happy for the support, also everyday when i am at work or when I need to get off for races. Thank you so much.

    Link will soon be on the sponsors site!

    worlds report
    Posted on 19 Aug 2013 by Klaus Boegh Andresen
    Denmark had two spots for the elite men worlds race, and I was really happy to get one of them.
    My preparation for the worlds was not that good, because I broke my thumb at the european round in Sweden. Was out for 5 weeks without riding my bike.
    Did a lot of other stuff in the gym and on the spinning bike.
    My first race was the danish championship 3 weeks before worlds where I goth 2nd. Was really happy with that result after a injury.
    The weekend after I went to Belgium to race the European championship. At the CC race I ended up as number 14 on the ranking which again was good a result.
    Went back to Copenhagen and made my last preparation for the worlds.

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